Vadim Khohlov's tools for iDesk

On this page you can find small tools for the iDesk 0.3.5

ideskcfg window is a configurator for the iDesk
and is a visual shortcuts' creator imklnk window

They are require Python, Qt, PyQt.


Download the sources, unpack and just copy the and to somewhere like /usr/local/bin.


To use this tools just run it. I hope that all options are obvious (see iDesk docs). is sets for coordinates X and Y a current position of mouse cursor.

You can add a command for run imklnk.cfg from menu of your WM. For example, for IceWM:

prog "Create shortcut" - imklnk.cfg

Theme for IceWM Control Center

I also have written a modification of "Control Panel" theme for my IceWM Control Center. From this theme you can run

This is a screenshot:
A screenshot of IceWM Control Center
and sources of theme.

Download and unpack it to other themes for IceWM Control Center (for example, to /usr/local/share/icecc/themes).

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